Computational Soundness of Formal Security Protocol Analysis

Steve Kremer
CNRS, ENS Cachan, France
Friday, 15 February, 2008 (All day)

Formal verification of security protocols in so-called Dolev-Yao models has become common practice and recent tools are able to analyze complex, real-life case studies such as SSL and Kerberos. These methods have however been criticised because they make strong hypotheses on the underlying cryptgraphic primitives (often refered to as the perfect cryptography assumption).

In an influential paper, Abadi and Rogaway have shown that under standard cryptographic assumptions the abstractions on cryptographic primitives made in Dolev-Yao models are sound: formal security proofs imply security proofs in a detailed, computational model where adversaries are arbitrary probabilistic poly-time Turing Machines. In this talk I will first present the seminal result by Abadi and Rogaway. Then, I will present a general setting for reasoning about the soundness of abstract models where cryptographic primitives are specified by the means of equational theories. While the Abadi-Rogaway result only considers encryption and pairing, we are able to show soundness results for many more primitives including different encryption functions, exclusive or and modular exponentiation.

This talk covers material from:

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