Games with a parameterized number of players

Nathalie Bertrand
INRIA Rennes
Friday, 5 June, 2020 - 14:00
BigBlueButton (Online)

Traditional concurrent games on graphs involve a fixed number of players, who take decisions simultaneously, determining the next state of the game. With Anirban Majumdar and Patricia Bouyer, we introduce a parameterized variant of concurrent games on graphs, where the parameter is precisely the number of players. Parameterized concurrent games are described by finite graphs, in which the transitions bear finite-word languages to describe the possible move combinations that lead from one vertex to another.

We report on results on two problems for so-called parameterized concurrent games. To start with, we tackled the problem of determining whether the first player, say  Eve, has a strategy to ensure a reachability objective against any strategy profile of her opponents as a coalition. In particular Eve's strategy should be independent of the number of opponents she actually has. We establish the precise complexities of the parameterized reachability game problem. Second, we consider a synthesis problem, where one aims at designing a strategy for each of the players so as to achieve a common objective. For safety objectives, we show that this kind of distributed synthesis problem is decidable.

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