Datesort icon Speaker Title
31/05/2019 Nathan Thomasset Nash equilibria over games equipped with a communication mechanism
31/05/2019 Sophie Pinchinat Model checking over infinite structures: Automatic Structures and Regular Automatic Trees
16/05/2019 Léo Exibard Synthesis of Data Words Transducers
16/05/2019 Stavros Tripakis Recent Work in the Science of Software and Systems
16/05/2019 Aline Goeminne PSPACE algorithm for SPEs in quantitative reachability games
16/05/2019 Benjamin Monmège Robust Controller Synthesis in Timed Automata: A Symbolic Approach
22/02/2019 Florent Delgrange Life is Random, Time is Not: Markov Decision Processes with Window Objectives
22/02/2019 Sylvain Schmitz The complexity of reachability in vector addition systems
22/02/2019 Denis Steckelmacher Learning and Planning in Partially Observable MDPs
22/02/2019 Martin Fränzle What’s to Come is Still Unsure: Automatically Synthesizing and Verifying Controllers Resilient to Delayed Interaction
11/05/2018 Nicolas Mazzocchi A pattern logic for automata with outputs
11/05/2018 Diego Figueira Synchronized word relations
11/05/2018 Shibashis Guha Timed Vacuity (Joint work with Hana Chockler, Orna Kupferman)
11/05/2018 Elham Kashefi Verification of quantum computation
27/04/2018 Isabelle Mainz Efficient Symbolic Representation of Convex Polyhedra in High-Dimensional Spaces
27/04/2018 Pierre Ganty Population Protocols and Predicates
30/03/2018 Guillermo A. Perez Graph-Based Reductions for Model Checking and Learning MDPs
30/03/2018 Jan Křetínský Fast Learning of Small Strategies
30/03/2018 Thomas Brihaye When are Stochastic Transition Systems Tameable?
30/03/2018 Luc de Raedt Probabilistic logic programming and its applications
19/05/2017 Ismael Jecker On Reversible Transducers
19/05/2017 Martin Zimmermann Logics for Hyperproperties
19/05/2017 Benjamin Monmege Optimal Reachability in Divergent Weighted Timed Games
19/05/2017 John Fearnley Recent Advances in Solving Parity Games
05/05/2017 Quentin Hautem Window parity games: an alternative approach toward parity games with time bounds
05/05/2017 Marc Zeitoun Revisiting concatenation hierarchies of regular languages
21/04/2017 Luc Dartois Decidable Logics for Transductions and Data Words
21/04/2017 Olivier Gauwin Two-way vs one-way automata and transducers
10/03/2017 Raphaël Berthon Threshold Constraints with Guarantees for Parity Objectives in Markov Decision Processes
10/03/2017 Marielle Stoelinga Risk happens, and how stochastic model checking can help.
24/02/2017 Victor Marsault Efficient algorithm to decide the periodicity of b-recognisable sets using MSDF convention
24/02/2017 Serge Haddad From Continuous Petri nets to Petri nets and Back
24/02/2017 Dejan Nickovic Temporal Logic as Filtering
24/02/2017 Hsi-Ming Ho Metric Interval Temporal Logic Revisited
20/05/2016 Ismaël Jecker On Equivalence and Uniformisation Problems for Finite Transducers
20/05/2016 Pierre-Alain Reynier Survey on transducers of (nested) words: decidability, logic and algebra
22/04/2016 Guillermo A. Perez Admissibility in Quantitative Graph Games
22/04/2016 Javier Esparza Verification of population protocols
02/04/2016 Several CASSTING 2016: Workshop on Games for the Synthesis of Complex Systems
26/02/2016 Nathan Lhote Towards an algebraic theory of rational word functions
26/02/2016 Parosh Aziz Abdulla Automatic Verification of Linearizability
26/02/2016 Pierre Carlier Decisiveness and stochastic timed automata
26/02/2016 Philippe Schnoebelen Well-Structured Systems: Algorithms and Complexity
29/01/2016 Stéphane Le Roux Nash equilibrium in multi-player multi-outcome games on finite graphs
29/01/2016 Nicolas Markey Temporal logics for multi-player games
20/03/2015 Romain Brenguier Assume-Admissible Synthesis
20/03/2015 Patricia Bouyer-Decitre On the optimal reachability problem in weighted timed games
27/02/2015 Guillermo A. Pérez Reactive Synthesis Without Regret
27/02/2015 Mikołaj Bojańczyk Transducers With Origin Information
27/02/2015 Emmanuel Filiot Finite-Valued Weighted Automata