Date Speakersort icon Title
22/02/2019 Martin Fränzle What’s to Come is Still Unsure: Automatically Synthesizing and Verifying Controllers Resilient to Delayed Interaction
09/05/2003 Ahmed Bouajjani Automata-theoretic techniques for the analysis of multithreaded programs
28/11/2014 Ahmed Bouajjani Tractable Refinement Checking for Concurrent Objects
04/12/2009 Alain Finkel Well Structured Transition Systems
17/12/2010 Alexander Linden An Automata-Based Symbolic Approach for Verifying Programs on Relaxed Memory Models
20/01/2012 Alexander Linden A Verification-Based Approach to Memory Fence Insertion in Relaxed Memory Systems
22/02/2013 Alexander Linden A Verification-Based Approach to Memory Fence Insertion in PSO Memory Systems
16/05/2019 Aline Goeminne PSPACE algorithm for SPEs in quantitative reachability games
17/10/2003 Anca Muscholl Validating Message Sequence Charts
25/01/2013 Aniello Murano Pushdown Module Checking with Perfect and Imperfect Information
12/12/2008 Arnaud Da Costa Lopes ATL with strategy contexts
04/11/2011 Arnaud Sangnier Model-checking linear temporal properties over counter systems.
12/12/2014 Arnaud Sangnier Parameterized Reachability in Networks with Many Identical Processes
08/05/2020 Arnaud Sangnier TBA
16/12/2011 Barbara Jobstmann Synthesizing Efficient Controllers in Probabilistic Environments
08/06/2007 Ben Moszkowski Using Temporal Logic to Analyse Temporal Logic: A Hierarchical Approach Based on Intervals
16/12/2011 Benedikt Bollig Data Words: Logic, Automata, and Model Checking
19/05/2017 Benjamin Monmege Optimal Reachability in Divergent Weighted Timed Games
16/05/2019 Benjamin Monmège Robust Controller Synthesis in Timed Automata: A Symbolic Approach
14/03/2008 Blaise Genest Searchs in graphs for Verification and Partial Order Reductions
25/03/2011 Catalin Dima Model-checking ATL with imperfect information
14/03/2008 Cedric Meuter PhD Defense: Development and Validation of Distributed Reactive Control Systems
30/05/2008 Christel Baier Probabilistic Buechi automata
27/11/2009 Christof Löding Boundedness problems for finite automata
27/02/2015 Christof Löding Synthesis of Transducers from Automatic Specifications
08/05/2020 Christoph Haase TBA
17/10/2008 Christophe Morvan Regular graphs : a perfect model for infinite state systems?
31/01/2014 Daniel Le Berre Solvers and tools to tackle problems in propositional logic
24/02/2017 Dejan Nickovic Temporal Logic as Filtering
04/03/2005 Denis Lugiez Quelques problèmes dans l'arithmétique de Presburger et l'arithmétique de Skolem.
22/02/2019 Denis Steckelmacher Learning and Planning in Partially Observable MDPs
11/05/2018 Diego Figueira Synchronized word relations
07/05/2010 Dietmar Berwanger Coordinating strategies with imperfect information
11/05/2018 Elham Kashefi Verification of quantum computation
18/02/2011 Emmanuel Filiot Antichains and Compositional Algorithms for LTL synthesis
13/05/2011 Emmanuel Filiot Height Bounded Memory Visibly Pushdown Transductions
16/05/2014 Emmanuel Filiot From Two-Way to One-Way Finite State Transducers
27/02/2015 Emmanuel Filiot Finite-Valued Weighted Automata
14/12/2012 Erich Grädel Banach-Mazur Games on Graphs
21/02/2014 Eun-Young Kang Enabling Schedulability Analysis for Automotive Systems
22/02/2019 Florent Delgrange Life is Random, Time is Not: Markov Decision Processes with Window Objectives
16/05/2014 Florent Jacquemard Timed Verification and Testing of an Interactive Music System
17/02/2006 Francesco Ranzato Abstract interpretation-based strong preservation of abstract model checking
28/05/2004 Franck Cassez Optimal Strategies in Priced Timed Game Automata
24/11/2006 Franck Cassez Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis for Real-Time Systems
15/12/2006 Franck Cassez Monitoring and Fault-Diagnosis with Digital Clocks
07/12/2007 Frank Neven Automata and XML
09/05/2008 Frédéric Herbreteau Unfolding Concurrent Well-Structured Transition Systems
21/02/2014 Frédéric Mallet A tour of MARTE/CCSL: usage, simulation and verification
07/05/2010 Frédéric Servais Properties of Visibly Pushdown Transducers