Date Speakersort icon Title
31/01/2014 Nathalie Bertrand Active diagnosis for probabilistic systems
26/02/2016 Nathan Lhote Towards an algebraic theory of rational word functions
28/05/2010 Nicolas Maquet Lattice-Valued Binary Decision Diagrams
26/10/2007 Nicolas Markey Robust Analysis of Timed Automata
29/01/2016 Nicolas Markey Temporal logics for multi-player games
28/10/2013 Nicolas Markey, Quentin Menet, Mickael Randour, James Worrell Nord pas de Calais/Belgium Congress of Mathematics: Game Theory
26/10/2012 Nir Piterman p-Automata and Obligation Games
12/12/2014 Ocan Sankur Multiple-Environment Markov Decision Processes
21/04/2017 Olivier Gauwin Two-way vs one-way automata and transducers
24/02/2004 Parosh Aziz Abdulla In and Out of WQOs - Model Checking of Parameterized Time Systems
26/02/2016 Parosh Aziz Abdulla Automatic Verification of Linearizability
23/04/2004 Pascal Van Hentenryck Constraint-based Local Search
20/03/2015 Patricia Bouyer-Decitre On the optimal reachability problem in weighted timed games
15/04/2005 Paul Gastin Contrôle de systèmes distribués.
22/02/2013 Pavithra Prabhakar Scalable Verification of Hybrid Systems
16/12/2005 Petr Jancar Some techniques and results in deciding bisimilarity
21/03/2003 Philippe Schnoebelen The Verification of Probabilistic Lossy Channel Systems
26/02/2016 Philippe Schnoebelen Well-Structured Systems: Algorithms and Complexity
26/02/2016 Pierre Carlier Decisiveness and stochastic timed automata
10/06/2011 Pierre Ganty Pattern-based Verification for Multithreaded Programs
20/05/2016 Pierre-Alain Reynier Survey on transducers of (nested) words: decidability, logic and algebra
05/05/2017 Quentin Hautem Window parity games: an alternative approach toward parity games with time bounds
27/11/2009 Raffaella Gentilini Faster Pseudo-Polynomial Algorithms for Mean-Payoff Games
24/09/2012 Rajeev Alur Streaming Transducers
08/05/2009 Ranko Lazic Automata and logics on structures with data
10/03/2017 Raphaël Berthon Threshold Constraints with Guarantees for Parity Objectives in Markov Decision Processes
30/11/2012 Roland Meyer Verification of Concurrent Programs under Relaxed Memory Models
25/01/2013 Romain Brenguier Nash Equilibria in Concurrent and Timed Games
20/03/2015 Romain Brenguier Assume-Admissible Synthesis
27/04/2012 Rupak Majumdar End-to-end arguments in embedded control systems
19/03/2004 Salvatore la Torre Deciding Games in LTL Fragments
26/09/2011 Sebastian Maneth Analyzability of Tree Transducers
20/05/2011 Sébastien Combéfis Learning System Abstractions for Human-Machine Interactions
24/02/2017 Serge Haddad From Continuous Petri nets to Petri nets and Back
02/04/2016 Several CASSTING 2016: Workshop on Games for the Synthesis of Complex Systems
29/11/2013 Simon Busard Reasoning about strategies under partial observability and fairness constraints
13/05/2011 Sophie Tison Tree Automata, (Dis-)Equality Constraints and Term Rewriting: What's new?
20/05/2005 Stavros Tripakis Decidable and undecidable problems in decentralized observation and control
18/06/2004 Stéphane Demri Parameterized model checking problems
29/01/2016 Stéphane Le Roux Nash equilibrium in multi-player multi-outcome games on finite graphs
15/02/2008 Steve Kremer Computational Soundness of Formal Security Protocol Analysis
25/11/2005 Theo Ruys SPIN: A Swiss Army Knife
16/12/2005 Thierry Jéron Test Generation using Verification
07/12/2007 Thomas Brihaye Timed Concurrent Game Structures
25/03/2011 Thomas Brihaye On Reachability for Hybrid Automata over Bounded Time
04/11/2011 Thomas Brihaye Subgame Perfection for Equilibria in Quantitative Reachability Games
27/04/2012 Thomas Brihaye Almost-Sure Model-Checking of Reactive Timed Automata.
30/11/2012 Thomas Brihaye Multiplayer cost games with simple Nash equilibria
28/05/2004 Thomas Henzinger The Holy Grail of Computer Science: Automatic Program Verification
03/04/2009 Thomas Wilke Complementation and Determinization of Büchi Automata