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03/04/2009 Thomas Wilke Complementation and Determinization of Büchi Automata
15/02/2008 Steve Kremer Computational Soundness of Formal Security Protocol Analysis
03/04/2009 José Vander Meulen Efficient Symbolic Model Checking for Process Algebras
27/11/2009 Raffaella Gentilini Faster Pseudo-Polynomial Algorithms for Mean-Payoff Games
28/11/2008 James Worrell On Termination of Linear Programs and the Skolem Problem
26/10/2012 Nir Piterman p-Automata and Obligation Games
09/05/2008 Frédéric Herbreteau Unfolding Concurrent Well-Structured Transition Systems
08/05/2009 Julien Brusten A Generalization of Semenov's Theorem to Automata over Real Numbers
08/03/2007 Holger Hermanns A modest approach to practical formal methods
11/05/2018 Nicolas Mazzocchi A pattern logic for automata with outputs
12/03/2010 Joel Ouaknine A Survey of Classical, Real-Time, and Time-Bounded Verification
21/02/2014 Frédéric Mallet A tour of MARTE/CCSL: usage, simulation and verification
22/02/2013 Alexander Linden A Verification-Based Approach to Memory Fence Insertion in PSO Memory Systems
20/01/2012 Alexander Linden A Verification-Based Approach to Memory Fence Insertion in Relaxed Memory Systems
17/02/2006 Francesco Ranzato Abstract interpretation-based strong preservation of abstract model checking
28/11/2014 Isabelle Mainz Acceleration of affine hybrid transformations
31/01/2014 Nathalie Bertrand Active diagnosis for probabilistic systems
22/04/2016 Guillermo A. Perez Admissibility in Quantitative Graph Games
27/04/2012 Thomas Brihaye Almost-Sure Model-Checking of Reactive Timed Automata.
17/12/2010 Alexander Linden An Automata-Based Symbolic Approach for Verifying Programs on Relaxed Memory Models
14/04/2006 Kousha Etessami Analysis of Recursive Markov Chains, Recursive Markov Decision Processes, and Recursive Stochastic Games
26/09/2011 Sebastian Maneth Analyzability of Tree Transducers
11/02/2011 Marc Ducobu Antichain-based QBF Solving
18/02/2011 Emmanuel Filiot Antichains and Compositional Algorithms for LTL synthesis
20/03/2015 Romain Brenguier Assume-Admissible Synthesis
12/12/2008 Arnaud Da Costa Lopes ATL with strategy contexts
08/05/2009 Ranko Lazic Automata and logics on structures with data
07/12/2007 Frank Neven Automata and XML
09/05/2003 Ahmed Bouajjani Automata-theoretic techniques for the analysis of multithreaded programs
29/11/2013 Marta Kwiatkowska Automated Verification and Strategy Synthesis for Probabilistic Systems
26/02/2016 Parosh Aziz Abdulla Automatic Verification of Linearizability
21/02/2003 Yassine Lakhnech Automatic verification of unbounded security protocols
14/12/2012 Erich Grädel Banach-Mazur Games on Graphs
27/11/2009 Christof Löding Boundedness problems for finite automata
02/04/2016 Several CASSTING 2016: Workshop on Games for the Synthesis of Complex Systems
29/03/2013 Giuseppe Lipari Component-based analysis of real-time systems
23/04/2004 Pascal Van Hentenryck Constraint-based Local Search
17/10/2008 Gabriel Kalyon Control of Infinite Symbolic Transitions Systems under Partial Observation
15/04/2005 Paul Gastin Contrôle de systèmes distribués.
07/05/2010 Dietmar Berwanger Coordinating strategies with imperfect information
16/12/2011 Benedikt Bollig Data Words: Logic, Automata, and Model Checking
20/05/2005 Stavros Tripakis Decidable and undecidable problems in decentralized observation and control
21/04/2017 Luc Dartois Decidable Logics for Transductions and Data Words
19/03/2004 Salvatore la Torre Deciding Games in LTL Fragments
26/10/2012 Youssouf Oualhadj Deciding the Value 1 Problem for Probabilistic Leaktight Automata
26/02/2016 Pierre Carlier Decisiveness and stochastic timed automata
18/12/2008 Hugo Gimbert Détermination et décidabilité des jeux stochastiques à observation partielle
20/05/2011 Nathalie Bertrand Determinizing timed automata.
11/05/2007 Manuel Hermenegildo Development of Safe and Efficient Programs using Abstract Interpretation and the CiaoPP System
10/06/2011 James Jerson Ortiz Vega Distributed Event Clock Automata