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14/03/2008 Cedric Meuter PhD Defense: Development and Validation of Distributed Reactive Control Systems
19/12/2003 Michael Leuschel ProB: A Model Checker for B
30/05/2008 Christel Baier Probabilistic Buechi automata
23/04/2004 Markus Müller-Olm Program Analysis with Exact Approximations
07/05/2010 Frédéric Servais Properties of Visibly Pushdown Transducers
25/01/2013 Aniello Murano Pushdown Module Checking with Perfect and Imperfect Information
28/05/2010 Laurent Doyen Quantitative languages: weighted automata and beyond
04/03/2005 Denis Lugiez Quelques problèmes dans l'arithmétique de Presburger et l'arithmétique de Skolem.
27/02/2015 Guillermo A. Pérez Reactive Synthesis Without Regret
29/11/2013 Simon Busard Reasoning about strategies under partial observability and fairness constraints
19/05/2017 John Fearnley Recent Advances in Solving Parity Games
17/10/2008 Christophe Morvan Regular graphs : a perfect model for infinite state systems?
05/05/2017 Marc Zeitoun Revisiting concatenation hierarchies of regular languages
10/03/2017 Marielle Stoelinga Risk happens, and how stochastic model checking can help.
26/10/2007 Nicolas Markey Robust Analysis of Timed Automata
23/01/2015 Joost-Pieter Katoen Safety and Liveness -- New Results and Perspectives
22/02/2013 Pavithra Prabhakar Scalable Verification of Hybrid Systems
14/03/2008 Blaise Genest Searchs in graphs for Verification and Partial Order Reductions
20/01/2012 Marco Faella Selected Topics in Controller Synthesis
31/01/2014 Daniel Le Berre Solvers and tools to tackle problems in propositional logic
16/12/2005 Petr Jancar Some techniques and results in deciding bisimilarity
25/11/2005 Theo Ruys SPIN: A Swiss Army Knife
24/09/2012 Rajeev Alur Streaming Transducers
15/12/2006 Marcin Jurdziński Subexponential algorithms for solving parity games
04/11/2011 Thomas Brihaye Subgame Perfection for Equilibria in Quantitative Reachability Games
20/05/2016 Pierre-Alain Reynier Survey on transducers of (nested) words: decidability, logic and algebra
24/05/2012 Mahsa Shirmohammadi Synchronization in Markov Decision Processes
27/02/2015 Christof Löding Synthesis of Transducers from Automatic Specifications
16/12/2011 Barbara Jobstmann Synthesizing Efficient Controllers in Probabilistic Environments
24/02/2017 Dejan Nickovic Temporal Logic as Filtering
29/01/2016 Nicolas Markey Temporal logics for multi-player games
16/12/2005 Thierry Jéron Test Generation using Verification
17/12/2010 Michael Ummels The Complexity of Nash Equilibria in Stochastic Games
13/02/2009 Jerome Leroux The General Vector Addition System Reachability Problem by Presburger Inductive Invariants" and "TaPAS : The Talence Presburger Arithmetic Suite
28/05/2004 Thomas Henzinger The Holy Grail of Computer Science: Automatic Program Verification
18/02/2011 Krishnendu Chatterjee The Theory of Graph Games: Mixing Chess, Soccer and Poker
21/03/2003 Philippe Schnoebelen The Verification of Probabilistic Lossy Channel Systems
10/03/2017 Raphaël Berthon Threshold Constraints with Guarantees for Parity Objectives in Markov Decision Processes
07/12/2007 Thomas Brihaye Timed Concurrent Game Structures
16/05/2014 Florent Jacquemard Timed Verification and Testing of an Interactive Music System
23/04/2004 Isabelle Pollet Towards a generic framework for the abstract interpretation of Java
26/02/2016 Nathan Lhote Towards an algebraic theory of rational word functions
28/11/2014 Ahmed Bouajjani Tractable Refinement Checking for Concurrent Objects
27/02/2015 Mikołaj Bojańczyk Transducers With Origin Information
13/05/2011 Sophie Tison Tree Automata, (Dis-)Equality Constraints and Term Rewriting: What's new?
04/12/2009 Véronique Bruyère Turn-Based Quantitative Multiplayer Non Zero-sum Games on Finite Graphs
06/06/2014 János Flesch Two classes of infinite duration games
21/04/2017 Olivier Gauwin Two-way vs one-way automata and transducers
08/12/2006 Kim G. Larsen UPPAAL Tiga -- Controller Synthesis for Real-Time Systems
08/06/2007 Ben Moszkowski Using Temporal Logic to Analyse Temporal Logic: A Hierarchical Approach Based on Intervals