Datesort icon Speaker Title
16/05/2014 Florent Jacquemard Timed Verification and Testing of an Interactive Music System
28/03/2014 Mahsa Shirmohammadi Limit Synchronization in Markov Decision Processes​
28/03/2014 Jérôme Leroux On the Boundedness Problem for Pushdown Vector Addition Systems
21/02/2014 Eun-Young Kang Enabling Schedulability Analysis for Automotive Systems
21/02/2014 Frédéric Mallet A tour of MARTE/CCSL: usage, simulation and verification
31/01/2014 Nathalie Bertrand Active diagnosis for probabilistic systems
31/01/2014 Daniel Le Berre Solvers and tools to tackle problems in propositional logic
29/11/2013 Simon Busard Reasoning about strategies under partial observability and fairness constraints
29/11/2013 Marta Kwiatkowska Automated Verification and Strategy Synthesis for Probabilistic Systems
28/10/2013 Nicolas Markey, Quentin Menet, Mickael Randour, James Worrell Nord pas de Calais/Belgium Congress of Mathematics: Game Theory
03/05/2013 Wolfgang Thomas Francqui Chair: Games
26/04/2013 Wolfgang Thomas Francqui Chair: Monadic Theories
18/04/2013 Wolfgang Thomas Francqui Chair Inaugural Lecture
29/03/2013 Mickaël Randour Looking at Mean-Payoff and Total-Payoff through Windows
29/03/2013 Giuseppe Lipari Component-based analysis of real-time systems
22/02/2013 Alexander Linden A Verification-Based Approach to Memory Fence Insertion in PSO Memory Systems
22/02/2013 Pavithra Prabhakar Scalable Verification of Hybrid Systems
25/01/2013 Romain Brenguier Nash Equilibria in Concurrent and Timed Games
25/01/2013 Aniello Murano Pushdown Module Checking with Perfect and Imperfect Information
14/12/2012 Jean-François Raskin Multi-dimension Quantitative Games: Complexity and Strategy Synthesis
14/12/2012 Erich Grädel Banach-Mazur Games on Graphs
30/11/2012 Thomas Brihaye Multiplayer cost games with simple Nash equilibria
30/11/2012 Roland Meyer Verification of Concurrent Programs under Relaxed Memory Models
26/10/2012 Youssouf Oualhadj Deciding the Value 1 Problem for Probabilistic Leaktight Automata
26/10/2012 Nir Piterman p-Automata and Obligation Games
24/09/2012 Marc Ducobu Visibly pushdown automata on trees: universality and u-universality
24/09/2012 Rajeev Alur Streaming Transducers
24/05/2012 Mahsa Shirmohammadi Synchronization in Markov Decision Processes
24/05/2012 Luc Segoufin Logics with unary and guarded negations.
27/04/2012 Thomas Brihaye Almost-Sure Model-Checking of Reactive Timed Automata.
27/04/2012 Rupak Majumdar End-to-end arguments in embedded control systems
20/01/2012 Alexander Linden A Verification-Based Approach to Memory Fence Insertion in Relaxed Memory Systems
20/01/2012 Marco Faella Selected Topics in Controller Synthesis
16/12/2011 Barbara Jobstmann Synthesizing Efficient Controllers in Probabilistic Environments
16/12/2011 Benedikt Bollig Data Words: Logic, Automata, and Model Checking
04/11/2011 Thomas Brihaye Subgame Perfection for Equilibria in Quantitative Reachability Games
04/11/2011 Arnaud Sangnier Model-checking linear temporal properties over counter systems.
26/09/2011 Frédéric Servais PhD Defense on Visibly Pushdown Transducers
26/09/2011 Sebastian Maneth Analyzability of Tree Transducers
10/06/2011 James Jerson Ortiz Vega Distributed Event Clock Automata
10/06/2011 Pierre Ganty Pattern-based Verification for Multithreaded Programs
20/05/2011 Sébastien Combéfis Learning System Abstractions for Human-Machine Interactions
20/05/2011 Nathalie Bertrand Determinizing timed automata.
13/05/2011 Emmanuel Filiot Height Bounded Memory Visibly Pushdown Transductions
13/05/2011 Sophie Tison Tree Automata, (Dis-)Equality Constraints and Term Rewriting: What's new?
25/03/2011 Thomas Brihaye On Reachability for Hybrid Automata over Bounded Time
25/03/2011 Catalin Dima Model-checking ATL with imperfect information
18/02/2011 Emmanuel Filiot Antichains and Compositional Algorithms for LTL synthesis
18/02/2011 Krishnendu Chatterjee The Theory of Graph Games: Mixing Chess, Soccer and Poker
11/02/2011 Marc Ducobu Antichain-based QBF Solving