Datesort icon Speaker Title
11/05/2007 Manuel Hermenegildo Development of Safe and Efficient Programs using Abstract Interpretation and the CiaoPP System
08/03/2007 Holger Hermanns A modest approach to practical formal methods
15/12/2006 Marcin Jurdziński Subexponential algorithms for solving parity games
15/12/2006 Franck Cassez Monitoring and Fault-Diagnosis with Digital Clocks
08/12/2006 Kim G. Larsen UPPAAL Tiga -- Controller Synthesis for Real-Time Systems
24/11/2006 Franck Cassez Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis for Real-Time Systems
14/04/2006 Kousha Etessami Analysis of Recursive Markov Chains, Recursive Markov Decision Processes, and Recursive Stochastic Games
17/02/2006 Francesco Ranzato Abstract interpretation-based strong preservation of abstract model checking
16/12/2005 Petr Jancar Some techniques and results in deciding bisimilarity
16/12/2005 Thierry Jéron Test Generation using Verification
25/11/2005 Theo Ruys SPIN: A Swiss Army Knife
20/05/2005 Stavros Tripakis Decidable and undecidable problems in decentralized observation and control
15/04/2005 Paul Gastin Contrôle de systèmes distribués.
04/03/2005 Denis Lugiez Quelques problèmes dans l'arithmétique de Presburger et l'arithmétique de Skolem.
12/11/2004 Frits Vaandrager Model Checker Aided Design of a Controller for a Wafer Scanner
18/06/2004 Stéphane Demri Parameterized model checking problems
28/05/2004 Franck Cassez Optimal Strategies in Priced Timed Game Automata
28/05/2004 Thomas Henzinger The Holy Grail of Computer Science: Automatic Program Verification
28/05/2004 Laurent Van Begin Expand, Enlarge and Check: New algorithms for the coverability problem of WSTS
23/04/2004 Pascal Van Hentenryck Constraint-based Local Search
23/04/2004 Isabelle Pollet Towards a generic framework for the abstract interpretation of Java
23/04/2004 Markus Müller-Olm Program Analysis with Exact Approximations
19/03/2004 Salvatore la Torre Deciding Games in LTL Fragments
24/02/2004 Parosh Aziz Abdulla In and Out of WQOs - Model Checking of Parameterized Time Systems
19/12/2003 Michael Leuschel ProB: A Model Checker for B
14/11/2003 Javier Esparza, Model checking pushdown processes
17/10/2003 Anca Muscholl Validating Message Sequence Charts
13/06/2003 Joost-Pieter Katoen Performance Evaluation and Model Checking: a Perfect Match
09/05/2003 Ahmed Bouajjani Automata-theoretic techniques for the analysis of multithreaded programs
21/03/2003 Philippe Schnoebelen The Verification of Probabilistic Lossy Channel Systems
21/02/2003 Yassine Lakhnech Automatic verification of unbounded security protocols
17/01/2003 Wolfgang Thomas Infinite Games: Fundamental Results and Some Perspectives